Mitt Romney ‘Family’ Campaign’s New Strategy: Call President Obama A Boy (VIDEO)

Source: Tommy Christopher / Mediaite

On Tuesday, Politico published a narrative-setting piece which claimed that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s abrupt makeover for Wednesday’s debate, and beyond, was the result of a Romney family campaign coup in which “The family pushed for a new message,” a message that apparently amounts to calling President Obama a boy. Mitt Romney did it once during the debate, while Ann Romney called the President and his campaign “petulant children” this morning on Fox News. At a campaign event on Tuesday, Romney son Josh Romney filled in the hat trick by calling the President “an obstinate child.”

There are a few different layers to this story. That Politico story has been met with skepticism, eloquently stated by Dana Milbank after Rev.

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  • tweetyface

    Slavery remarks have gone to the lowest of low. A 49 yr is not a boy…refer to him as a man and not one of your children. Why is Jim Crow returning through a Morman?