Pres. Obama Expected To ‘Come Out Swinging’ At Tuesday’s Debate

Source: Kevin Liptak / CNN

Washington – After near-universal bad reviews of his first presidential debate with Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama will bring more energy and passion to his second showdown with the GOP nominee, advisers to the president said Sunday.

Yet the come-out-swinging attitude many Democrats crave could be hindered by the debate’s town hall format, which requires a likability factor not completely compatible with aggressive attacks.

The forum, to be moderated by CNN chief political correspondent Candy Crowley on Tuesday, will force both candidates to be at once personable and vigorous in their rebuttals. On Sunday, Obama aides said Obama’s subdued, languid performance two weeks ago would be replaced by a candidate intent on calling out what he sees as inconsistencies and straight-up lies from his opponent.

“He knew when he walked off that stage (of the first debate), and he also knew as he watched the tape of that debate, that he has to be more energetic,” Robert Gibbs, an Obama campaign adviser and former White House press secretary, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

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