ROLAND MARTIN REPORTS POLLS: Who Won The Second Presidential Debate?

  • HJ

    everyone is saying the President was aggressive, he is suppose to be aggressive, isn’t that what we want him to do. The first debate , his GOP Challenger was very aggressive and people rated him 67% won! It was ok then, but the President should have taken the blows. The President stated the facts and he did very well Indeed. This is the real Barack Obama that we have come to know and love as the President of USA. To my honest opinion, quite a few things the President let slide but he did good! I didn’t observed no hostility coming from the President and I don’t believed that they hated each. One thing I observed for the short time I am in this life, “NO OTHER PRESIDENT HAS EVER ENDURED THE DISRESPECT THAT THE GOP HAS GIVEN TO PRESIDENT OBAMA. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE AMERICA, AND AMERICAN IN 2012!