Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 10.05.12: Roland Martin, Ron Lester Discuss How The First Presidential Debate Will Affect The Campaign Trail

Roland Martin talks with Ron Lester about how the first presidential debate will affect the campaign trail.

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  • Marvice


  • Marvice

    What scares me is that people act like they tuned in to watch Housewifes of Altanta or Basketball Wives. This was supposed to be a debate. They were both supposed to lay their ideas out on the table so that we the people could determine which ones we think are best for the country to go. All the way up to the debate all you heard was that President Obama couldn’t go up their as the angry black man etc… I just think our democracy system is just in need of help. The President showed up to debat a man that he thought wanted to debate him on ideas, instead he attacked him with a bunch of lies. Romney flipped practically everything he’s been saying for the last year and a half. I’m not mad at the President at all because from day one he has laid out his policies, plans, etc… He has tried to do it all bi-partisian and with the help of the republicans. He has tried to be all the people’s President, not just black people or democrats. What people need to be focused on is why would someone want power over you so bad, that they are willing to run a campaign of lies, deceit, and constant attacks on the President and never be willing to let you know specifically what their plans are? As usual, we are focused on the wrong thing. Those of you who are so upset with the result of the debate are probably the same people who didn’t show up to vote when this radical right wing Congress was put in. I blame you all more for the results of that debate then the President himself. Why would he ever show up as the angry black man to put the Republican puppet Romney in his place and not be sure that the ones who helped put him in office are not going to be so upset they don’t show up or whatever reason they come up with. MLK didn’t accomplish what he did because people got mad when he didn’t do what they thought and stopped having his back, no they made a committment to help him and enough of them stayed to see it through, hence we had the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Had it not been for the drive of MLK and the committed support of his backers where would be in this country? Probably not having the opportunity to vote in the First Black President a second term!