ROLLING OUT: Does Obama’s Debate Victory Mean Anything? Roland Martin Says ‘Yes’

Source: Terry Shropshire / Rolling Out

President Obama, thrust into the unfamiliar and uncomfortable role of underdog in the bruising slugfest to earn White House retention, proved to be Republican nominee’s Mitt Romney’s equal in style and his superior in substance in the second presidential debates in New York.

Political pundits, including CNN contributor and TV One’s “Washington Watch” host Roland Martin, assigned the incumbent as the victor and said Obama regained his swag as he outscored his formidable challenger in a rather vituperative, dramatic and nearly out-of control town-hall debate session.

Speaking from a presidential debate party at the Crimson in Lower Manhattan, where he and BET’s Jeff Johnson hosted a post-debate discussion online, Martin said Obama implemented many of the “game-day” changes needed to reverse the momentum of this mean-spirited presidential race.

“First of all, Mitt Romney won the first debate. The president’s performance was far too lackluster. And I think that for this debate, the president didn’t need to come out too ‘matter of fact.’ … I thought the president came out very consistent, very strong,” said Martin. “I thought that Romney interrupted the president more than he should have. He turned his back to the audience who were asking the questions. I thought he was too combative. And I thought Obama was spot-on throughout the debate.”

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