Tatyana Ali: Takes Digs At Shaunie O’Neal Monica Scott-Young On Reality Show Spoof

Source: Always A-List

Actress Tatyana Ali takes aim at “Basketball Wives” executive producer Shaunie O’Neal and “Love & Hip-Hop” executive producer Mona Scott-Young on a web series that spoofs reality shows called, “It’s My Show.”

“The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” star plays a character named Mona O’Neil on an episode of “It’s My Show” titled “The Producer.” During an interview with O’Neil, the fictitious executive producer explains her stereotypical approach to developing reality shows.

“I am Mona O’Neil, world renowned reality show producer. It is my job to bring the excitement out of Bresha and Jameel– the hood if you will. Some people say ‘stereotypes.’ I say, ‘good television!’ When I’m done with them, they’ll have more cultural relevance than The Cosbys,” her character explains, while managing to work her Louis Vuitton purse into the shot.

“It’s My Show” is written by and also stars Bresha Webb, who co-stars with Ali on TV One’s sitcom, “Love That Girl,” and actor Jameel Saleem, who stars in the film “Exit Strategy.”

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  • Pom

    Great spoof, to bad it really is Reality TV