theGrio: 3 Months After Death Sherman Hemsley Still Not Buried

Source: Similoluwa Ojurongbe / theGrio

On July 24th Sherman Hemsley passed away from what the coroner describes as lung cancer. But as of today, the late Jeffersons star is still not buried and his body remains refrigerated at the Eastside location of the San Jose Funeral Home in El Paso, Texas.

His will continues to be contested with everything from the naming of beneficiaries to the cause of death up for dispute.

TheGrio previously reported on the estate battled between Flora Enchinton, 56, who was described as a “beloved partner” of Hemsley’s and a man that claims to be the deceased actor’s estranged brother.

Richard Thornton of Philadelphia, claims to be Hemsley’s half-brother. He argues that the will may not have been written by the late actor and suggests that it may be a forgery.

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