WALL STREET JOURNAL: Stacey Dash’s Pro-Romney Tweet Becomes Racial Flashpoint

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Actress Stacey Dash (“Clueless”) tweeted her support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney Sunday, writing “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.” She included a photo of herself wearing a red swimsuit, standing in front of the American flag.

The tweet, which has been retweeted more than 5,000 times, sparked a range of responses on Twitter, both for and against Dash’s view. But the Twitter reaction also included racially charged tweets leveled at Dash, who is of mixed race, which in turn prompted others (even if they didn’t agree with Dash’s presidential endorsement) to support her right to express her opinion without being subject to racist tweets.

The endorsement by Dash comes after a recent WSJ/NBC poll showed President Obama had the support of 94% of African-Americans, while Romney had 0%.

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  • Vince

    I find it hilarious that the movie you chose to use as her reference was “Clueless” 🙂 Cheers!

  • Really

    Why did she have to receive any backlash for her voting rights.. everybody does not have vote Democrat, please get over it… She has every right to vote her interest and it’s truly her own business. If she feels that what would work for her than so be it.. If it’s not in your interest than you vote your interest but to receive meaningless, backlash only tells me that most of us are conformer and maybe she’s just not… Move on to more important things to fuss about.

    • She made it everyone else business when she posted it on Twitter…

      • Daniel Jackson

        Yes, but racist comments…
        I find it funny that todays most racial bias seems to come from people calling themselves black against us black that chose more in life than just being “black”. Reminds me of colored rednecks.

  • Clueless

  • She is doing this just to get press, when you have no press even bad press is good, think about it, after single ladies give me one project she has been working on…exactly..its a good move on her part

    • None, not a one, she is not a good actress…she is totally clueless…

  • She will do anything for attention, especially since her career is basically in the toilet…lets face it in Hollyweird, no publicity is bad publicity…Stacy do like your career and disappear…You’re truly clueless…

  • forget the racial crap. Stacy confirmed her cluelessness during TV interview on CNN. She has NO idea about the economy, the history of the lying mitt robot, the key issues at stake or anything of substance relating to the presidential elections. While of course she is entitled to her silly opinion, her statement clearly puts her in the public eye for examination and critique. “the only choice” makes her the clueless idiot many of us thought her to be. Only her day job is more laughable.

  • She can vote for Romney if she chooses, but I feel this was her way of getting into the spotlight. Maybe she wants her own reality show or to be on the apprentice? That’s just my opinion.

  • Lucky Lady

    I have no problem with Ms. Dash supporting whomever she wants. But it was the way in which she supported a candidate. Did she really need to do it in a bathing suit? This was more about her need for attention than politics. She’s another actress who can’t seem to do anything fully clothed.