WASHINGTON WATCH: Actress Lynn Whitfield & The Young Professionals For Change VP Debate Reaction (VIDEO)

Roland Martin attended the Young Professionals for Change debate watch party this past Wednesday in New York. Here’s what they had to say about the debate…

MR. BRIAN BENJAMIN:  My name is Brian Benjamin, founder of Young Professionals United for Change.  Glad to be here hosting this watch party.

I think it’s very clear that Vice President Joe Biden clearly won the debate.  I think when he said we’re going to have our troops out of Afghanistan by 2014, what he’s really saying is that we’re being responsible.  We’re being responsible in terms of treasuring our young people over abr- — abroad, and we’re also being responsible when it comes to our budget.

MS. LYNN WHITFIELD:  Hi.  I’m Lynn Whitfield.  I think that Governor Romney had a performance.  I think that Vice President Biden actually told the truth and shared a lot of who he is and shared the platform that is real.  It was not theatrical.  It was honest.  It was authentic, and it was accurate.

DOSHON FARAD:  Doshon Farad, reporter for YourBlackWorld.net.

Well, to me it’s quite clear.  I feel that Vice President Joe Biden did exactly what I knew he would do.  He came, and he delivered.  He actually laid out for the American people President Barack Obama’s program, and in so many words, he spanked Congressman Ryan.

MS. SHANTELLE BLACK:  My name is Shantelle Black (phonetic), and I’m from Brooklyn, New York.

As a veteran, I was very interested in the point that he had to make in regards to the war in Afghanistan, and I feel as though that, especially with his son having been to war, he felt very close to this topic and that he wanted the most honest o- — opinion to come from himself and the Administration.  So, I do feel as though Vice President Biden did phenomenal and really helped turn around the negative backlash from the President receiving for the presidential debate.  And I think President Obama is going to do very well, going into the next debate next week.

MR. JACOB MORRIS:  My name is Jacob Morris.

He made Ryan look like a kid.  I’m very happy, because I really see these ideologically driven policies of the Republican platform being dangerous for America.

MS. TY COOPER:  Ty Cooper, reporting live, is representing Wagner from NYU.  Best debate party of the year.

Biden was phenomenal, amazing.  From domestic to international policy, he was phenomenal.  This was one of the best debates I’ve seen in the last decade.  Truly impressed, and I’m amazed at all these African-Americans who’re here supporting this event, especially college students that go through much with our student loans.  This was phenomenal for me to watch.

MR. DONALD COOLEY:  I’m Donald Cooley, from North Carolina.

I definitely think that Vice President Biden won the debate.  I think he had a lot of good lines.  I think he had a lot of good policy questions.  And we definitely need this.  The Democratic Party definitely needed this.

MS. SAN GERMIL:  My name’s San Germil (phonetic).  I’m from Chicago, Illinois.  I was proud to see my vice president, Joe Biden, pulling in strong in this debate strong, pulling up a lot of the slack that my president – [chuckles] – Barack Obama left for him in the last debate.  He was extremely aggressive and then straight to the point, getting to a lot of the issues that were ignored in the last, presidential debate.  And it was great to see the Democrats standing for what we believe in.

MS. WHITFIELD:  I’m so excited, ’cause we are headed in the right direction.  So, what I have to say is, “Forward!”