WASHINGTON WATCH: Final Presidential Debate Recap With The Young Professionals For Change (VIDEO)

Now, some folks who do take the election seriously gathered in New York City to watch the third, and final, debate as part of the Young Professionals for Change. Roland Martin attended the final presidential debate party hosted by the Young Professionals for Change and here is some of what they had to say …


STEVE PENMAN:  Steve Penman[?].  It was fantastic.  I really think the President did a great job articulating his position.  I frankly think on foreign policy, the gap is immediate.  Very, very self-explanatory.  How can we embrace other folks and really bring the world into a combined position, as opposed to have a very United States-centric point of view?

MS. TY COOPER:  Ty Cooper.  The debate was phenomenal.  I thought that President Barack Obama was excellent tonight.  He really honed in upon the international policies and – [unintelligible] – why he’s been president.  It really showed the lack of experience that Governor Mitt Romney has when compared to actual affairs, and I’m excited to see what Barack Obama’s going to do when he’s reelected for a second term.

MR. SEAN HUDSON:  This is Sean Hudson live and direct, to represent the fact that Barack Obama – our President – crushed it tonight.  Fact-based, focused, deliberate and clear – hands down.  The leader of the free world, and he showed everybody why.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN:  He showed the world that – why Romney’s not fit to handle foreign policy and, once again, defended his record on his first four years and why he needs to be commander in chief for the next four years.

MR. JAY BRIDE:  My name is Jay Bride[?].  I am from Queens, New York.  I work with the Harlem MagicMasters basketball team.  And I think Barack Obama won, and the reason why I think he won [is] he came out in the beginning swinging.  He pulled all the stops out from the beginning, and I think he had a[n] early win, taking Mitt Romney out of the debate.

MR. WILLY THOMAS:  I’m Willy Thomas, and what I think about the debate [is] I think Romney only reiterated everything Obama was saying, only in his own words.  I think he lost that 100 percent.  And Obama got my 100 percent vote.