WASHINGTON WATCH ROUNDTABLE: Republicans Claim Obama Administration Cooked Job Numbers (VIDEO)

Roland Martin and the Washington Watch roundtable discuss claims that the Obama Administration cooked the books to make the unemployment rate drop.

This week’s Washington Watch roundtable features Keli Goff, political correspondent for TheRoot.com; Deborah Simmons, senior correspondent for “The Washington Times”; Joseph Williams, political reporter and contributor for The Grio.com; and Joe Madison, Sirius XM’s radio “Black Eagle.”

MR. MARTIN:  Joe’s still laughing ‘’bout the hype man.  He need the hype man!

OFF CAMERA:  [Crosstalk.]

MR. MARTIN:  All right, folks.  Economy – job numbers came out Friday.  Jack Welch –

MS. GOFF:  [Chuckles.]

MR. MARTIN:  — former CEO, so-ca- — of General Electric, so-called “America’s CEO,” lost his mind.  This is what he tweeted:  “Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys would do anything..can’t debate so change numbers.”

He is – he is simply saying that the – the Obama Administration fixed the job numbers so they can look good.

Now, here’s my deal, Jack.  If it went up to 8.2 percent, you would believe it –

MS. GOFF:  Right.  [Chuckles.]

MR. WILLIAMS:  [Chuckles.]

MR. MARTIN:  — but it goes down –

MS. GOFF:  Right.

MR. MARTIN:  — [and] you don’t believe it.

MR. WILLIAMS:  But, see –

MS. GOFF:  Right.

MR. WILLIAMS:  — that’s – that’s outrageous.  I mean – and, number one, if they’re going to fix the job numbers, they can do a lot better than 114,000.


MR. WILLIAMS:  I mean – [chuckles] –


MR. WILLIAMS:  — you know.

MR. MARTIN:  — they could’ve –

MS. GOFF:  [Crosstalk] – right.  [Laughs.]

MR. MARTIN:  — fixed ’em six months ago.  Come on, now!  I mean –

MR. WILLIAMS:  Exactly!

MR. MARTIN:  I mean I –

MR. WILLIAMS:  I thi- —

MR. MARTIN:  — I get you don’t like Pres. Obama.  I get you want Romney to win.  Welch is a Republican.  But to sit here and just throw out that there’s – there’s corruption –

MS. GOFF:  Corruption.

MR. MARTIN:  — and they literally fix the – cook the books – that’s nonsense!

MR. MADISON:  Hey, do me a favor, Jack.  Prove it!

Where is the camera?  Wherever it is.

MR. MARTIN:  Right here, right here.

MR. MADISON:  Right – right here.  [Looks directly into the camera.]  Prove it!  Just prove it.  Shut your mouth or prove it!  You – you know, you’re a big CEO, chairman of the board.  Prove it!  Other than that, it’s just talk!

MR. WILLIAMS:  [Crosstalk.]

MS. GOFF:  But the other –

MR. WILLIAMS:  But, see –

MR. MADISON:  It’s just talk!

MR. WILLIAMS:  — and it also –

MR. MADISON:  That’s all –

MS. GOFF:  — but the other thing –

MR. MADISON:  — it is.

MS. GOFF:  — that’s really – that’s really outrageous –

MR. MARTIN:  Kelly, then Deborah.

MS. GOFF:  — I – the thing I find outrageous about this, though, is it’s so unpatriotic and anti-American to say, “I’d rather people” –

MR. MADISON:  Can’t handle –

MS. GOFF:  — “more people” –

MR. MADISON:  — good news.

MS. GOFF:  — “be unemployed” –


MS. GOFF:  — “so that my candidate will win.”  That’s like saying, “Oh, that’s too bad they” – “that Osama bin Laden’s dead.  Darn!”  You don’t say that when news comes out that says that more Americans are actually getting back on their feet.  It’s –

MR. MARTIN:  Deborah.

MS. GOFF:  — outrageous!

MS. SIMMONS:  Yeah, but you know what?  And – and – and we should all, at the table, be grateful that we – we still have jobs because –

MR. MARTIN:  You got that right!

MS. GOFF:  That’s right.

MS. SIMMONS:  — because –

MR. MARTIN:  I’m glad for all five of mine.

MS. GOFF:  Ri- — [laughs].

MR. MARTIN:  Okay.  Go –

MS. SIMMONS:  — be- —

MR. MARTIN:  — ahead.

MS. SIMMONS:  — and – and –

MR. MADISON:  That’s all you –

MS. SIMMONS:  — and –

MR. MADISON:  — got – is five?

MS. SIMMONS:  — and I – and I –

MR. MARTIN:  I’mma have six

MS. SIMMONS:  — and I say –

MR. WILLIAMS:  [Crosstalk] – only got five –

MR. MARTIN:  — next week, though.

MR. WILLIAMS:  — jobs.

MR. MADISON:  [Chuckles.]

MS. SIMMONS:  — and I – and I say that because if the numbers were fudged – and we – what we do know is they will be readjusted right around –


MS. SIMMONS:  — the el- — ballot time – election time.  We know that.  That’s what the Labor Department does.  Not disparaging that at all, or even taking sides with Jack, because I think he kinda had a little bit too much this morning.

MR. MARTIN:  Not think.  He – [crosstalk] –

MS. SIMMONS:  But – but – but, more importantly, if you look at our – Black – unemployment –

MR. MARTIN:  — right?

MS. SIMMONS:  — rate, I don’t care whether it’s 13 or 14.

MR. MARTIN:  No, I understand.

MS. SIMMONS:  It’s still almost twice the –

MR. MARTIN:  No, no –

MS. SIMMONS:  — national.

MR. MARTIN:  — no, no.  Here’s the deal.

MS. SIMMONS:  More – more –

MR. MARTIN:  I – ho- —

MS. SIMMONS:  — a- — and –

MR. MARTIN:  — I agree.

MS. SIMMONS:  — look at the number for Hispanics as well.

MR. MARTIN:  I agree!  But, again, though – here’s the deal, though.  I agree, but my point is if the numbers had gone up, he would’ve been happy.  And my point –

MS. SIMMONS:  No.  I –

MR. MARTIN:  — is –

MS. SIMMONS:  — really – I really – I really –


MR. MARTIN:  — he wouldn’t have – he wouldn’t have –

MS. SIMMONS:  — I really don’t –

MR. MARTIN:  — questioned the numbers.

MS. SIMMONS:  — think –


MS. SIMMONS:  — so, because –

MR. MARTIN:  Okay.

MS. SIMMONS:  — he still would’ve said –

MR. MARTIN:  No, no.

MS. SIMMONS:  — they fudged the numbers.

MR. MARTIN:  But he wouldn’t ’ve questioned – he wouldn’t ’ve questioned it.

MR. MADISON:  No, he wouldn’t.

MR. WILLIAMS:  [Crosstalk] –

MR. MADISON:  No-o-o-o!

MR. MARTIN:  [Crosstalk] – hold on.


MR. MARTIN:  Hold up one second.

MS. SIMMONS:  He just might not have –

MR. MARTIN:  One second.

MS. SIMMONS:  — named corruption –

MR. MARTIN:  One second.

MS. SIMMONS:  — as the – as –

MR. MARTIN:  I[’ve] got to go –

MS. SIMMONS:  — the – as the point.

MR. MARTIN:  — to “The Biggest Damn Lie” –


MR. MARTIN:  — but I[’ve] got to get this fact out.


MR. MARTIN:  In 2009, General Electric – on March 5, 2009, GE’s stock was $6.95.  Friday, it was $23.

How ’bout that Obama economy, Jack?  The o- — and so when you sit here and criticize the numbers, I’m just saying your portfolio has gotten –

MS. GOFF:  But you kno- —

MR. MARTIN:  — better.

MS. GOFF:  — but you know why he – [crosstalk] –

MR. MARTIN: So, one second.  Hold tight.