Gov. Haley Barbour: ‘Hurricane Sandy Saved Barack Obama’s Presidency’ (VIDEO)

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Source:  Eun Kyung Kim / Today / NBC News 

Haley Barbour, who served as Mississippi governor when Hurricane Katrina hit his state, asserted Thursday that “Hurricane Sandy saved Barack Obama’s presidency.”

“It broke the momentum that Romney had coming in to the end of October,” the former chairman of the Republican National Committee told TODAY’s Matt Lauer.

Barbour said too much attention was placed on the praise New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie showered on Obama when the president arrived to tour the damage the storm had left on the state.

“That’s not Chris Christie’s fault. Now, I do think the news media made a much bigger deal out of it that made it sound like Christie was almost endorsing Obama,” he said. “All Christie said was the president is trying to be a good partner.”

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