President Obama Looks To Make Mitt Romney Pay In Ohio For Misleading Jeep Ad

Source: Jon Ward / The Huffington Post

HILLIARD, Ohio — President Obama ripped Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Friday for running a misleading TV ad implying that U.S. auto workers are going to lose their jobs because Chrysler is moving the production of Jeeps for Chinese consumers to China.

It’s a move by the president to capitalize on what, tactically, appears to have been a strategy by Romney’s campaign in Ohio that has backfired. Obama is planning to press the issue all day Friday at three campaign stops in Ohio, including a midday rally in Lima, where there are about 1,600 jobs at a local Ford manufacturing plant.

“Everybody knows it’s not true,” Obama said of Romney’s ad to a crowd in a large barn at the Franklin County Fairgrounds, in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, a crucial swing-section of this swing state.

Obama cited reports of auto workers in Ohio calling their employer to ask if their jobs were in jeopardy after seeing Romney’s ad. Romney’s ad is technically correct — it says Chrysler is going to build Jeeps in China, which is true — but it leaves the impression that the creation of jobs in China will cost U.S. auto workers their livelihood. Obama pointed out that Chrysler is in the process of hiring 1,000 new workers for a Jeep plant in Toledo, Ohio.

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