Senior Hamas Official Says “Calming Down” To be Announced At 2 p.m. ET

Source: CNN

Near the Israel-Gaza border – A halt to the deadly attacks that have turned life into a nightmare for millions in Israel and Gaza could come Tuesday, according to Egypt and Hamas.

Israel has said it wants a cease-fire agreement, but has not indicated whether one could be imminent.

A senior Hamas official tells CNN that a “calming down” will be announced at 9 p.m. local time (2 p.m. ET). The announcement will come from a Hamas official in Cairo, the source said. The “calming down” could halt violence, but is not the same as an official cease-fire or truce, CNN’s Ben Wedeman reported.

Meanwhile, a source familiar with discussions in Jerusalem told CNN that Israel has not agreed to a cease-fire. “One of the Israeli demands is that there should be a period of total calm for 24 hours before committing to any agreement,” that official said. Negotiations are continuing, the source said.

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