WASHINGTON WATCH ROUNDTABLE: The Craziest Moments Of The 2012 Election Cycle; Election Day Predictions

Roland Martin and the Washington Watch roundtable recap the craziest moments of the 2012 election cycle and give their predictions on who will win the presidential election.

This week’s Washington Watch roundtable features “The Washington Post”‘s Michael Fletcher; Republican strategist Lenny McAllister; : Dr. Chris Metzler of Georgetown University and “The Black Eagle,” Joe Madison.

MR. MARTIN:  All right, folks.  Welcome back to the show – of course, with our panel:  Michael Fletcher; Lenny McAllister; Chris Metzler; and, of course, Joe Madison, “The Black Eagle.”

All right.  It – it’s been very interesting to me when you look at all the craziness in this campaign.  Give me – for each one of you, what was the craziest thing, the craziest moment of this campaign – not necessarily if it’s President Obama or Mitt Romney.  It could be Aiken, could be Mourdock.  But just the craziest thing that you saw in this campaign that made you shake your head to say, “This is just nuts!”

MR. FLETCHER:  You – [chuckles] – it has to be Aiken, to me.  I mean this – his theories on rape, and – and coming – I mean it has to – and you talk about President Obama and the Democrats being lucky?  I mean they’re making this case about the “war on women.”  Then this guy – [chuckles] – gets up and, like, you know, adds to the –

MR. MARTIN:  And sen- —

MR. FLETCHER:  — case!

MR. MARTIN:  — and Senator Claire McCaskill was running –

MR. FLETCHER:  Yeah, she was –

MR. MARTIN:  — behind in –

MR. FLETCHER:  — running behind.

MR. MARTIN:  — Missouri.

MR. FLETCHER:  Exactly.  Yeah, that’s absolutely the craziest thing.

And the most astounding thing, though – also – to me, is we’ve just laid out all the problems Mitt Romney’s had.  It’s amazing to me that he’s as close as he is in the national polls.

MR. MARTIN:  Okay.

MR. FLETCHER:  But it feels like the President has too much of a firewall in the swing states and – and will prevail, but it’s – it’s astounding that –

MR. MARTIN:  Lenny –

MR. FLETCHER:  — [crosstalk].

MR. MARTIN:  — craziest thing in this campaign.

MR. MCALLISTER:  The craziest thing that I’ve seen in this campaign was John Sununu going after Colin Powell for making the decision, based on foreign policy – as decorated as – a veteran as he is, as secretary of state, and is well-respected on both sides of the aisles – to basically minimize his opinion on his endorsement to being, “well, he just wanted to vote for a Black guy.”

MR. MARTIN:  I – I saw a great tweet.  They said, “Did” – “Did New York mayor Michael Bloomberg pick Obama because he” – “because both are Jewish?”  [Chuckles.]


MR. MARTIN:  He was like, “What was his rationale?” if Powell –


MR. MARTIN:  — if Powell did it because he’s Black?


DR. METZLER:  Yeah, so –

MR. MARTIN:  Craziest –

DR. METZLER:  — two things.

MR. MARTIN:  — thing.

DR. METZLER:  One is the – the whole Colin Powell thing, because if I were to follow that to its logical conclusion, John Sununu is voting for Mitt Romney because he’s White.  So, that’s w- — that – that’s first.

Second, the whole idea of Mitt Romney with the women in binders and letting them off for work-life balance so they can go home and cook – that’s a problem.  [Chuckles.]

MR. MADISON:  I’m going to – all of the – of the others would’ve been on my list, but I will – I will say the craziest thing were the Black ministers who had the audacity to go before their congregations and tell people not to vote for President Obama because of his personal opinion on gay marriage.  And then some of those ministers were asked, “Well, how is it that you can support a Mormon and be a fundamentalist Christian?”  And then when asked, “Who are you going to vote for?” they actually suggested that Black people might want to go fishing.  That has got to be the craziest thing for a Black minister, in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and all the people who gave their lives, to tell Black folk in this election to go fishing?  That, to me, was the craziest thing I ever heard.

MR. MARTIN:  I would say the craziest thing was seeing President Obama not show up at the first debate.  I d- —


MR. MARTIN:  — I don’t think anybody could’ve predicted the first debate [that] the President [would] totally check out of that debate.  I mean going into that debate, a significant lead in a number of different polls, and Mitt Romney makes all kinds of lies in that debate.  [The] President doesn’t check him at all.  And when that thing was over, it was a bloodbath in nearly every single poll, and the President – and – and, look.  His campaign had to do a whole lot of – of trying to regain lost ground.  And I just could not b- — and what got me also [was] people kept saying, “These debates don’t matter.”

I think we learned.

OFF CAMERA:  Oh, yeah.

OFF CAMERA:  Oh, yeah.


MR. MARTIN:  After that first debate –

DR. METZLER:  They matter.

MR. MARTIN:  — nobody will ever, ever say a debate does not matter in this particular election.  So –

MR. MADISON:  Well, they –

MR. MARTIN:  — to me –

MR. MADISON:  — musta took your advice and got a ring partner to whisper – [crosstalk] –

MR. MARTIN:  Yeah, I –


MR. MARTIN:  — remember I said, “You better go find him Bundini Brown, the hype man!”

MR. MADISON:  Bundini Brown.

MR. MARTIN:  He – he needed that!  That was desperate!

MR. MADISON:  Yeah, “Float like” –

MR. MARTIN:  All right.

MR. MADISON:  — “a butterfly.”

MR. MARTIN:  Let’s get right to it.

MR. MADISON:  “Sting like a bee.”  [Chuckles.]

MR. MARTIN:  So – I forgot – I forgot that game show where you were on the game show.  So, they would say, “Okay.”  “Okay, Mike, what’s your prediction?”


MR. MARTIN:  You’re first up.  Your prediction.  Who’s going to be the – who’s going to win Tuesday?

MR. FLETCHER:  I said it earlier.  Obama wins because of the swing state advantage he has.

MR. MCALLISTER:  Ob- — Obama wins a tight election.

DR. METZLER:  Obama wins a tight election.

MR. MADISON:  Oh, I love all of y’all.  [Laughs.]


MR. MADISON:  It’s – it’s going to be tight, and I think, when Ohio comes in – [snaps his fingers] – it’s it, ’cause he –

MR. MARTIN:  All right.

MR. MADISON:  — won’t be able to run the table.  He –

MR. MARTIN:  I – I –

MR. MADISON:  — he won’t be able –

MR. MARTIN:  — I will say this –

MR. MADISON:  — [crosstalk].

MR. MARTIN:  — here.  I think – I think it’s going to be a narrow victory for the President.

MR. MADISON:  Very narrow.

MR. MARTIN:  And I thought in 2008 – everybody keeps saying “Ohio.”  I said in ’08 the most important state actually was Virginia.

MR. MADISON:  It was –

MR. MARTIN:  I felt Virginia –

MR. MADISON:  — in ’08.

OFF CAMERA:  That’s r- — you know –

MR. MARTIN:  — set up the domino effect –

MR. FLETCHER:  Right, um-hum.

MR. MARTIN:  — for the President’s campaign, and I will say it again this time.  I think Virginia is going to actually be the critical state – not Ohio.  If the President ekes out a narrow win in Virginia, it’s going to be a very short night.  People keep saying Ohio.  Virginia’s a critical state because, if you look at him le- — winning – leading in Nevada, also possibly what happens in Colorado – again, you don’t necessarily need Ohio to win the presidency.  I think, still, Virginia is a critical c- —

MR. MCALLISTER:  Well, and –

MR. MARTIN:  — part to –

MR. MCALLISTER:  — and a- —

MR. MARTIN:  — him winning.

MR. MCALLISTER:  — as well –

MR. MARTIN:  Real quick before I gotta go.

MR. MCALLISTER:  — oh.  Look at North Carolina as well.  There’s no way –


MR. MCALLISTER:  — he should be getting close there as well.  You have a – a guberna- — you have a gubernatorial race that’s going to go Republican.  The general assembly’s Republican, and –

OFF CAMERA:  He should – [crosstalk]- —

MR. MCALLISTER:  — President Obama’s right back close.


MR. MCALLISTER:  If North Carolina or Virginia, it’s going to stay everything else going West.

MR. MARTIN:  David Axelrod might get to keep that moustache.

All right, gents.


MR. MARTIN:  Thanks.  I appreciate it.  Thanks a bunch.