12.9.12 Sermon Notes From Pastor John Jenkins: “On The Outside Looking In”

First Baptist Church of Glenarden

Pastor John Jenkins
Revelations 3:14-24
“On The Outside Looking In”

Paul wrote letters to seven churches. He is the author of revelations

  •  all of the letters are written in the same format
  •  he began every letter with a description of Christ
  •  he commends each one
  •  he rebukes each one
  •  he exhorts each one
  •  he gives a promise to the church

1. Description of Christ. Verse 14

  •  he calls himself the Amen. That means “that’s true.” He is the one that is true. John 14:6
  •  Jesus is also the beginning of the creation of God. Collossians 1

2. Paul gives a commendation to the church and tells them the things they are doing good. But Paul said nothing good about this church.

  •  what was it about this church that left him speechless?

3. He rebukes them. V 15-17

  •  he’s saying I wish you make up your mind. Stop straddling the fence. He’s saying I wish you do one thing or the other. If you’re not going to be sold out, move.
  •  Don’t live in a lukewarm condition. Nothing is worse than a lukewarm church.
  •  you’re lukewarm when you keep returning to the thing God delivered you from.
  •  you do not measure Godliness based on your financial resources. V 17
  •  what clothes you wear on the outside don’t mean you have the right clothes on. Read Ephesians 5.

4. He gives us an exhortation. V 18-20

  •  start investing in that which matters in your life
  •  Jesus himself is saying he has gone through the fire. He’s saying to invest in a relationship with me. He says out the garment of his righteousness on.

God is standing on the outside of your door looking in. He’s knocking, crying out for you to let him in