Frank Morrocco, Ex-Convict, Claims He Intentionally Got Arrested To Receive Healthcare

Source: The Huffington Post

America’s broken healthcare system drove one cancer patient to break the law last month.

Frank J. Morrocco, 57, who had previously spent 20 years behind bars, claims that he intentionally shoplifted so that he could go back to prison and receive healthcare, the Buffalo News reports. Suffering from a rare form of leukemia, Morrocco said he had no other way to gain access to the expensive treatment that he needs.

On Nov. 26, Morrocco stole about $23 worth of items from a Wegmans in Amherst, N.Y., making sure the act was obvious to both store employees and customers. He was arrested and later charged for shoplifting and violating his parole.

Morrocco said that he had been denied Social Security disability coverage and Medicaid because he owns more than $2,500 in assets. However, Morrocco — who was convicted of felony drug conspiracy charges in the 1990s — says he is “not a wealthy man” and he doesn’t have a steady enough income to afford private insurance.

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