HUFFINGTON POST: Papa John’s Obamacare Stance Costs Company Its Reputation: Study

Source: The Huffington Post

The opinion of Papa John’s among recent casual diners dropped precipitously after CEO John Schnatter’s public comments about Obamacare, according to a new study from YouGov BrandIndex, which researches brand perception for marketing directors, brand managers and PR reps. The site conducts thousands of interviews a day, providing real-time info that shows trends and responses to different marketing techniques or in this case, public gaffes.

The national pizza chain’s YouGov BrandIndex Buzz score — which the site uses as an indication of brand favorability — dropped to four at the end of November, down from 32 on election day.

YouGov tracked the public’s perception of three restaurants following anti-Obamacare comments made by company CEOs. Papa John’s, Applebee’s and Denny’s all saw declines among adults who have eaten at casual dining restaurants in the past month. Denny’s score even fell to zero after franchise owner John Metz announced a five percent ‘Obamacare surcharge’ in November. The brand’s score jumped up to a six shortly afterwards “potentially due to CEO John Miller’s apologetic statement a few days later,” according to the YouGov report.

Applebee’s score dropped more than 25 points after Zane Tankel — who owns 40 Applebee’s in the New York area — appeared on the Fox Business Network and expressed reluctance to expand because of the health care overhaul.

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