NRA’s Social Media Strategy: Go Dark

Source: Elahe Izadi / National Journal

When a mass shooting occurs, the National Rifle Association’s communications shop typically goes dark, particularly its highly visible social media channels.

That has certainly been the case post-Newtown. The organization’s Facebook page, with its more than 1.7 million likes, has been hidden with users being redirected to Facebook’s homepage. Its Twitter account, with more than 65,000 followers, has been silent since Friday as well.

As a behemoth powerhouse in politics, the NRA is also highly active on social media channels. To put it into perspective, Republican communications consultant Michael Turk points out that the NRA’s page surpasses the RNC’s Facebook page, which has 1.1 million likes. The gun group’s Facebook presence also certainly eclipses the anti-gun lobby Brady Campaign, which has 42,000 likes.

But Turk points out that the NRA’s “content seems largely informational, rather than action oriented, though. They could be more effective.”

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