Photo Appears To Show Zimmerman Bleeding After Trayvon Martin Killing

Source: CNN

A photo posted online Monday shows George Zimmerman with blood on his nose and lips. His attorneys say it was taken the night unarmed teen Trayvon Martin was killed in Sanford, Florida.

Zimmerman says he shot Martin in self-defense. Martin’s attorneys say he was shot and killed “in cold blood.”

Prosecutors have charged Zimmerman with second-degree murder for the February 26 killing.

The picture, posted Monday on Zimmerman’s defense website, was taken by a police officer, Zimmerman’s attorneys wrote.

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  • ArthurConanDoyle

    All the evidence coming out – finally – supports Zimmerman’s account.

    And why do the media, including this site, use old photos of Martin? Why not use the newer ones?

    • Roderick2011

      Either you’re a liar or haven’t been keeping up with the evidence.
      The forensic evidence against Zimmerman will easily prove him guilty as will one of the enhanced 911 tapes where you can hear Trayvon beg for his life and help from his mother and Zimmerman exclaiming f**k when he realizes that Trayvon isn’t one of the burglars arrested earlier in February.

      • ArthurConanDoyle

        I’ve been keeping up with the evidence and documents, viewed/listened to interviews and transcripts.

        I believe the “help” is from George as do other witnesses – the injuries/autoposy support this as well. We’ll see at the trial if this can be determined one way or the other.

        Not sure where you get the “help” from his mother, or the other comment. If you have a link to “enhanced 911 tapes”; I’d appreciate a link.

        Trayvon could have been at this father’s house long before the killing, if he had decided to go there.

        • Roderick2011

          Trayvon stopped and hid because Zimmerman was following him and he didn’t want George to know where he lived.

          Also he didn’t want to led the some creep back to his brother.

          • ArthurConanDoyle

            But he lost George, he could have been safe at home. He certainly could and should have been far away from the sidewalk intersection – if he was trying to avoid George.

            There isn’t any evidence that I know of that Trayvon ever hid or was hiding. Do you know of any?

      • ArthurConanDoyle

        BTW: Martin’s father also said it was not Trayvon on the 911 tape when first asked. He changed later.

        • Roderick2011

          When the recording of Trayvon’s screams were played for George he stated that he wasn’t him.

          Also when George’s father testified during the second bond hearing he stated it sounded like George…when he was a teenager.

          • ArthurConanDoyle

            George during his re-enactment the next day says he was screaming, that Trayvon tried to stop his screaming, that he yelled to a neighbor to help him.

            So, I’m not sure exactly what you are referring to that would indicate George saying he didn’t scream? Is that what you get from this? In any case, can you link or cite your reference here to see the context?

            I recently listened to an interview with George’s father at the police station. In it he says it is George screaming on the tape. Again, I’m not sure what you infer from this part of your reply. Is it that his father didn’t think it was George’s screams?