Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 12.03.12: Roland Martin Talks With Jason Whitlock About His Article About Jovan Belcher’s Murder-Suicide

Roland Martin talks with Jason Whitlock about his article about Jovan Belcher’s murder-suicide posted on

  • This football player is not the victim. Quit making him into the victim.

  • Wytebred

    another limp wrist heard from… he just needs a gun that fits in his garter belt… every country that has surrendered their guns has surrendered their liberties, and in many cases their lives… self defense aside, the second amendment defends our rights to arm ourselves against the government…

  • Bumr50

    what Whitlock is saying is, basically, that black people aren’t responsible
    enough to own guns and therefore they should be illegal.

    Got it.

    Glad he clarified.

  • tularockstar

    Sure, and Jason Wit(less) completely ignored the 50-plus murders in
    Chicago’s South side this year–where all were black on black crimes!
    Hypocrisy is this putz’s middle name! Oh, and these crimes happened in
    Illinois, which has one of the most toughest anti-gun laws in the
    nation! If any group is the new KKK, here, it’s the NAACP and the
    Congressional Black Caucus (or Choir!) Because they all sing the same
    ‘anti White’ song!

    • dthall

      More like hunreds

  • tularockstar

    …and the Black KKK groups are alive and well! With Roland Martin and Al Sharpton as Grand Wizards! Martin’s hypocrisy and racism have no bounds!

  • dagwud

    NRA as KKK? Makes sense to me. After all, the NRA is the organization working hard to keep African Americans in big cities from getting guns to protect themselves from home invasions by groups of men in hoods…

    Or, you know, not.

    • Ken Head

      You don’t understand. Roland Martin doesn’t minorities are capable of owning weapons, hence the conclusion that, given half a chance, they will shoot their own wives and children.

  • Most idiotic article I have ever read.
    #1. Thugs will find guns one way or another even if they are illegal – look at the black on black crime in Chicago!
    #2. People are responsible for their own actions – not the object in which they use to accomplish their deed.
    The Second Amendment protects us as a people from a tyrannical government, so as a people we can form militias to fight against our own military if need be. Gun ownership is also important for law abiding citizen for hunting (to feed our families) and also to protect ourselves from criminals who might be armed themselves.
    If we take guns away from law abiding citizens, then only criminals will have them – leaving us in great danger from both criminals and the government (which I fear much more than criminals).
    If this football player had not had a gun and wanted his girlfriend dead, he could have just as easily strangled, stabbed, broke her neck or beat her to death. And there are plently of other ways to kill oneself too… Or if guns were banned, with his resources he could have easily found one on the black market.
    To call the NRA the KKK is not only racist, but the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. Black on black crime is a social problem created by the Democratic Party that started with getting blacks hooked on generational welfare with no hope of getting out. If you work on giving hope to these children, getting them educated and out of the inner cities this would go away.
    Stop blaming the inanimate object and start working on the problems within the black communities and maybe you’ll get it someday…

    • whatever

      I will give up my guns when the afro american community. starts taking responsibility for their culture. When you educate and discipline your children . destroy the gang culture and i dont hear about the 1000’s of black crime stories on a nightly bases. then i might …naaa forget it ill never give up my weapon.

  • Freedom

    Only one person in this conversation is advocating that Americans be stripped of a constitutional right that has been recognized by the Supreme Court on three different occasions. In other words, he’s propogating hate speech. Who, exactly, is this person who has so much in common with the KKK?
    Only one person in this conversation is making excuses for and deflecting blame away from a murderer. You know, just like the KKK defended the murderers of blacks during the Jim Crow era? Who IS this person who behaves so much like the KKK?
    Only one person in this conversation is pushing legislation that has been historically used to control blacks throughout the south. Where did the term “Saturday night special” and the bans on handguns originate? Google the etymology of the phrase (“Saturday night in n— town”) and the history of the bans. Who IS this person who desires the same outcome as did the KKK?

  • Once again, someone pulling the race card and pointing his finger at others, instead of owning it himself.

  • GunGuy1776

    ‘The NRA is the new KKK’ – Right. And the sports/media complex are the new Pravda. So let me get this straight – if a relatively famous sports figure suddenly stabs his wife/girlfriend to death does that make the steel industry the new KKK? What if it was a wooden baseball bat? Do we then say that the logging industry is to blame? What is this garbage? In order for his statement to be even close to accurate, you have to accept his unspoken premise that its only black people who commit crimes of passion (or insanity). Otherwise, you couldn’t draw the conclusion he draws. For a black sports writer, that’s pretty racist. And what is this garbage about people drawing guns on unarmed kids playing loud music? Give me a break. Hey Roland, take some deep breathes, un-tangle your panties and put on the big girl pants ok? You are a total embarrassment.

    • whatever

      yea where was the call to ban knives after O.J committing the murder of his ex. was the knife manufacture the kkk of the 90’s. are the kitchen knives for sale in your local community the kkk of the 21 century. . Just shut up Roland

      • Jp

        “yea where was the call to ban knives after O.J committing the murder of his ex. ”

        Donja’ know, OJ killed a white slut who deserved it…

        /rolls my eyes…

  • The NRA is the new KKK? I’m a proud NRA member, so what does that make me? I’m tired of hearing all this crap. Life is choice driven – no one can make someone pick up a gun and pull the trigger, that’s a choice being made by the individual holding the gun. Hello the President of H & K USA is black…

    • bdwilkin

      Until more confident informed leaders in the black community, such as yourself, begin to speak out on such nonsense, the race card will continue to forever be played to the detriment of a unified society. God bless you.

  • 2nd Amendment

    This is such poor journalism that i’m thinking that he said this foolishness only to draw attention. I am a black pastor and ABSOLUTELY believe in law abiding citizens rights to own guns. Know one is screaming about taking away drivers licenses because some jealous husband mows his wife down because he caught her cheating on him. If Javon’s Belcher girlfriend had a gun, maybe only one of them would be dead! I belong to the NRA and encourage all my friends to do the same. When someone breaks into your home while you’re there, you get your frying pan, but the sign they’ll meet in my home reads, “The door you just kick in was locked for your safety and not mines.”

    • dthall

      You are spot on. I don’t hear him saying anything to the family members of the girl he murdered!

    • I have the same saying on my door.. The NRA to KKK reference was an extremely offensive remark to our 2nd amendment, and our founding fathers

  • dthall

    What this article demonstrates, is how ignorant so-called smart African Americans are.

  • als1328

    Wow bud—-sad that ANY person would present a problem with these names. I work as a paramedic–come ride a shift with me, you’ll see race has nothing to do with gun crime. They all bleed red and they all die.
    And to have your pic on the header with a good Christian man such as T.D. Jakes just makes your whole article blasphemy.
    I’m a witness to the self inflicted genocide of young African Americans.
    Your comments will not stop the cattle cars, just speed them along.

  • NewsBusters| Columnist Who Inspired Bob Costas Drops New Bomb: ‘The NRA Is the New KKK’

  • Hey Roland! They’ve had you figured out for over a century:

    “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the
    troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the
    public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his
    grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a
    certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get

    Booker T. Washington, circa 1911

    • bdwilkin

      If that quote is true, how times have not changed.

  • bonzo3244

    This mans ignorance is boundless. By mouthing liberal boilerplate he has shown what a total tool he is. The KKK had extensive anti-gun measures written into the infamous Jim Crow laws banning black people from having guns to defend themselves.

    He needs to crack a history book on Sunday and pull his head out of the TV

  • C. Gadsden

    Quit talking out of your A$$ and stick with what you know!! While what this idiot did was tragic, it was HIS decision to murder his girlfriend…..and guess what, he could of done it with a knife, a baseball bat, or even a pillow! I am former military and a law biding citizen who believes in what our Constitution stands for, FREEDOM FROM TYRANNY AND OPPRESSION!! To compare the NRA to the KKK is like comparing apples to beef! There is no correlation between what the NRA stands for and what the KKK is about. The NRA is for protecting our 2nd Amendment and the KKK is all about hate!

    And just to make sure that you don’t think that I’m some back-woods redneck, I am an African-American who lives and breaths for our country and our Constitution!!!!

  • whatever

    the problem is that stupid people like you, think you are intelligent. the real culprit here is the black culture. your music is violent, your movies are violent. the clothes worn , (baggie apparel) bulky jackets are for stealing and concealing. try focusing on and improving your culture. Gangsters as mentors raises more gangsters. No discipline in schools means no opportunities in life. you blame the schools . you blame the guns. you blame white people. take a look at your selves.

  • whatever

    you know i have a gun and it has never shot my wife or kids. It has never robbed a store or shot a gang member or anything else. if these guns are so dangerous. how come mine hasn’t done anything. hummmm where does one find a gun that runs around killing people.

  • what-ever

    So i have a gun and it has never killed anyone. where do you find a gun that randomly or not that goes after people . did they start putting AI into handguns with legs . I would like to see one of these, hiding and wearing a bp jacket. would’t want it to shoot me.

  • rrwrightr

    This is pathetic grandstanding. It isn’t even journalism. The reality is that if you raise your children right, and you teach them morals, you don’t have these problems. Quit blaming everyone for your problems. If black children are carrying guns it is because their parents let them. If black children are acting out, it is because their parents let them. And here’s a huge shocker, if white, asian, or indian children are acting out it is because their parents let them! Control your children. Quit giving excuses. Grow up and take control of your families, your children, and your life. Quit waiting for the government to take your hand and show you how to be a parent. Until you place the blame with the right people you will never solve the problem. At some point you have to grow up and take charge of your life. Start making the right decisions and improve your situation. Start where the problems begin, at HOME! He is a murderer and doesn’t deserve a second thought, and he sure doesn’t deserve anyone trying to take the blame from where it clearly belongs. He pulled the trigger, he committed the crime, not the gun.

  • Is the NRA running guns into inner cities and selling them to “black youths”? If that is the case, it would be easy to stop since the laws prevent anyone under 18 from purchasing a firearm. In addition, the law requires registration of all firearms at the time of purchase. It would be simple to bring charges against the NRA for doing this sort of thing.

  • Knowledge has obviously been lost on Roland Martin. He will only surround himself with the rhetoric of nonsense, where intellect will never abound. I grieve for anyone who forces themselves to remain a burden of the past, and refuses to free themselves into the ambition our true God provides.

  • Jp

    Roland Martin and Jason Whitlock, two obamunists morons, probably on the down-low with each other.

    Here, you two gang-banger pansies, why don’t you print out this sign and put it on your front door, and on your car.

    Oh by the way, numbnuts, the background color on your website IS WHITE, and that must be RACIST too, fool!


    Why does this have to go racial? This guy knows he is a national media source and what he says influences people. It was very distasteful and irresponsible of him to even make race an issue for such a tragic event. Belcher obviously had some serious issues going on we may never know about. But for this journalist to even compare the KKK relative to the NRA is horrible, wrong and way out of line. We have big problems in this country we need to solve together as one. Continuing to thrust race into the limelight in national media is wrong, it almost continues to ‘make race’ an issue. Our media needs to have more responsibility to be a positive influence on the people of this country, but thats another story. RIP Belcher. HORRIBLE JOURNALISM

  • Chester

    Equating the NRA to the KKK is pretty irresponsible thinking, its like saying Rap Artists are the new Black Panthers. Last time i checked the NRA wasn’t slinging drugs on a street corner and gangsters weren’t purchasing guns legally, registering them or taking courses that responsible gun owners do. To say that 65 athletes in their 20’s own guns something bad is going to happen is specious reasoning, id like to see him point to statistics of young athletes and violent crimes not a tragic but isolated event we saw in Kansas City. If Mr Belcher didn’t own a gun he probably would have used a knife, the method in which someone kills is irreverent, if someone’s mental state is such that they are willing and prepared to kill their going to find a way to do it. I understand how he’s trying to use this murder as a platform for gun control but its not the right way to go about doing it, capitalizing and exploiting an incident to perpetuate your argument is just wrong. Violence especially gun violence in the Black community stems from more than just access to firearms, they’re are socio-economic reasons poverty, lack of education. Cultural as in embracing and glamorizing a criminal lifestyle and just a total lack of respect for society and each other. Everyone should take responsibility for their actions and stop passing the buck, that Is the problem with society a total lack of ethical responsibility and a country and peoples gross willingness to say, its not my fault because, my parents hit me, i’m on drugs, i’m poor, I didn’t know any better etc etc. Blaming the NRA on gun violence is easy, but not correct and maybe Mr Whitlock should point the finger at the people using guns irresponsibly and stop passing the buck.

  • dan45cal

    Whitlock is an idiot. Most gun control laws were passed in Southern and Midwestern states in the late 1800’s through the 1920’s. One of the major leaders lobbying for these laws was the KKK. They didn’t want “those people” to be able to defend themselves with guns. All of Michigan’s anti-gun laws were passed in the 1920’s after Dr Ossian Sweet defended himself from a white mob for the crime of living in an area of Detroit (then white) where he wasn’t welcome. Whitlock can take his KKK comments and shove them up his you know where.

  • RogerDane

    “NRA to KKK…”

    Stunningly ignorant and completely divisive. Sadly the minority communities in most large cities are hotbeds of criminal activity. Violence, both individual and gang, are markedly higher and prosecution, police presence and community efforts seem unable to prevent or reduce this problem.

    Minorities buy guns at least as often, albeit perhaps less expensive ones, than their ‘so called’ rich, white counterparts because they fear for their lives and those of their loved ones. A patently oppressive attitude towards, especially, gangs and gang violence has allowed the spread of such in remarkably high numbers and it is the minority groups being hit by this 30 year phenomenon that suffer.
    Mindsets are formed at an early age. The sad choice of Belcher to kill and then take his own life has nothing to do with the inanimate firearm but everything to do with his societal background, his raising and the ‘gansta’ mindset of many young minority men. You can just as easily point to hip-hop lyrics as the cause, in conjunction with mental pressures, of this violent tragedy. But to label people who own a firearm as the same type of KKK hatemongers is not just intellectual dishonesty but actually the same twisted logic used by those promoting KKK type groups!
    Turn off the channels that carry this kind of garbage and do not buy from their advertisers!

  • Wilbur

    Unless, of course, you want the public to believe you’re a nitwit, you should stop making it obvious.

  • Jake Plummer

    Jason Whitlock is about as smart as a box of stupid rocks

  • SecretCommie

    Gun laws are the same for both blacks and whites – this a not a gun problem – it is a black ‘thing’, at least the incredible rates of gun violence among blacks is.

  • Karl

    The fact of the matter is more guns would have helped the situation as any intelligent person knows. Grandma should have been packing heat and killing her son to stop this foolishness.

  • gee wiz

    It isn’t the NRA’s fault.
    It isn’t the black community’s fault.
    It isn’t the NFL’s fault.
    It is Jovan Belcher’s fault.

  • David

    1st, Characterizing hanging Belcher’s jersey at his locker is appropriate. Mr. Whitlock misses the mark with this one. They knew a different man than the one who took two lives. Having an empty jersey, to be filled by another man in the future, is not honoring him, it’s honoring their loss.

    2nd, diverting grief into action is normal. Should they have prostrated themselves on the ground, rendering their garments, nashing their teeth, hitting their heads on the wall? So the game was played, and a team who found more ways to blow a game, came together and won. They have found themselves, and will not be the butt of jokes, derision, and contempt. Mr. Whitlock has failed to understand that in the end, the decision to go ahead and play has positive effects for the living, and does not honor the dead.

  • David

    New to the NRA comments. The modern day position of the NRA comes directly from the Black Panthers who carried guns in California.

  • medbob

    Quite interesting as the Democrat party is historically the home of the KKK.
    In 1965, Martin Luther King applied for a Concealed Carry permit for a gun after the firebombing of his house. Despite a clean record, he was denied for a permit because the law at the time was a “may issue” policy.
    The NRA opposed these discretionary issue laws, then as it does now. The NRA granted charters to all of the black rights leaders of that day who sought to defend themselves from Klan violence. Included was on of the great civil rights leaders, Robert F. Williams. When as a WWII veteran, he returned home, he found the Klan active in violence against blacks. No one dared to join the NAACP as they feared for their lives. Williams became president of the local NAACP, but it wasn’t until the chapter was chartered by the NRA that the tide turned. The NAACP met the Klan violence with armed resistance, and were victorious over the coward democrats with white veils.
    You see, the Democrats don’t want you to know their history, and they don’t want you to know the history of the NRA or the Republicans, as they seek to keep the black people of america right under their thumb, as has been their fantasy for over a hundred years.