Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 12.18.12: Roland Martin Talks With Mo’ Kelly About Tavis Smiley Issuing A ‘Cease And Desist Notice For ‘Talking Bad About Him’

Roland Martin talks with Mo’Kelly about the Tavis Smiley controversy.

  • P. Jac

    If the above link to the letter is true, that has been circulating the
    Internet, it’s based on the time when Morris O’Kelly was employed at Tavis
    Smiley’s company from 2005-2010. He disclosed that then-Senator and now
    President Barack Obama called Tavis Smiley and his calls were not returned.
    Therefore, that would be the issue for the potential lawsuit- which was not
    publicly known. Like most corporations, such as AT&T, if you disclose
    proprietary and confidential information about an upcoming wireless device (for
    example) that will become available, an employee is subject to disciplinary
    action including termination. Employees have to sign and agree to those terms,
    because if they don’t – they won’t be hired.

    Also, many people have talked negatively about Tavis Smiley and others and they could just go around having their attorneys issue ‘Cease and Desist’ letters. I haven’t seen Morris O’Kelly address what is in the letter specifically that is circulating the Internet, regarding PAST private knowledge while he was employed there. The letter mentioned that they know that he has Freedom of Speech on information that is publicly available, but not private conversations/knowledge during his time of employment with Tavis Smiley’s company.