Washington Watch with Roland Martin, 12.02.12, Video Podcast

At the top of our agenda this week: Republicans continue their outrageous attacks on United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice. President Barack Obama is still campaigning – for tax cuts for the middle class. Hey, Republicans! Yes, he won!

House GOP deficit hawks reject a White House $2 trillion plan to reduce the deficit.

In the “Washington Watch” roundtable, Karen Finney, MSNBC political analyst; Rashad Robinson, executive director of Color of Change; Michelle Bernard, president of The Bernard Center for Women; and Dr. Chris Metzler, political scientist from Georgetown University.

And from the White House, President Obama’s chief economic advisor Gene Sperling; and, from Congress, South Carolina’s James Clyburn on what Democrats want in a deal with Republicans on taxes and the deficit.

And what was the real reason behind the early dismissal of a big-time, college football coach who is African-American?

Plus, my thoughts on the life of civil rights pioneer Lawrence Guyot.

It’s all happening right now “Washington Watch.”

Download the “Washington Watch with Roland Martin” Video Podcast.

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