Ex-Kwame Kilpatrick Insider Derrick Miller Tells Of Lies, Bribes And Fear Of The Feds

Source: Tresa Baldas and Jim Schaefer / Detroit Free Press

The government’s star witness, Derrick Miller, calmly and methodically connected dots for the jury Monday in Detroit’s public corruption trial, telling the court that ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick pocketed bribes, steered money to friends and family, lied to the public and deceived charitable donors.

And Kilpatrick was careful not to get caught, said Miller, the onetime right-hand man and trusted adviser to the former mayor, who gave the jury its closest look yet at the workings of Kilpatrick’s inner circle.

Unlike the other 60-plus witnesses who testified before him, Miller was part of that inner circle and admitted participating in some of its alleged crimes, including helping make dirty deals, pocketing bribes and handing wads of cash kickbacks to Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick, who years ago was best man in Miller’s wedding, fidgeted with his tie, shook his head at times and shifted in his seat throughout Miller’s three and a half hours of testimony. Miller has not been cross-examined yet.

To read this article in its entirety visit the Detroit Free Press.

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  • Richard Buchanan

    That was his childhood friend? LOL
    I mean, if KK was guilty, he was guilty!
    That was KK’s friend?!

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