Fox Guests Battle Over Tennessee Proposal To Tie Welfare Checks To Kids’ School Grades (VIDEO)

Source: Andrew Kirell / Mediaite

This afternoon, Fox’s Happening Now took on the Tennessee proposal to tie parents’ welfare payments to their kids’ school grades, leading to a clash between the law’s creator and a former superintendent who finds the idea to be misguided at best.

Republican State Rep. Stacey Campfield explained that the proposal will take the welfare-school connection “to the next level by saying, listen, if your kid is failing every single class because who knows what reason — unless you are a special needs child or something like that — we’re going to stop or cut back on the amount of straight cash payments you’re going to get.”

“This has nothing to do with food stamps or school lunches or anything or school-housing vouchers,” he continued. “This is a straight cash payment that the state gives to these people that are in need, but we need to stop this generational poverty.”

Guest host Jamie Colby challenged Campfield on whether impoverished parents are actually equipped to improve their children’s school grades. “Listen, I’m not expecting these kids to write the Magna Carta. ABCs, 1-2-3s — I think any parent can just about do that,” he said. “We have classes for parents. We have after-school problems if kids are having problems. We have tutoring programs up the wazoo, we have everything you’d ever ask for except for parents that are engaged and involved.”

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  • im not sure how the 2 connect… only thought is that a child can be successful when given the much needed assistance at home and in the class room. I would think a better solution would be to create programs that require higher learning and tutoring for at risk students. By not giving money because of a kids grades is equal to a parent witholding an allowance for the same reason.. Get realll