Oregon 1-Point Safety: Kansas State Blocks Ducks’ Extra Point Attempt But Gives Up Unlikely Point (VIDEO)

Source: The Huffington Post

When an official prefaces his explanation of a call by saying “On the previous play, we have an unusual ruling,” then you know you just saw — and perhaps didn’t initially realize — something quite rare.

That was certainly the case during the 2013 Fiesta Bowl when referee Ron Cherry explained that a one-point safety had occurred after Kansas State blocked an extra point attempt by the Oregon Ducks in the third quarter. After the Ducks went ahead 31-10 on a 2-yard rushing touchdown by redshirt freshman quarterback Marcus Mariota, the K-State Wildcats blocked the point after attempt.

After Javonta Boyd burst through the Ducks’ line to block the kick, Wildcats defensive end Ryan Mueller caught the tipped ball at approximately the 2-yard line and retreated into the end zone as he tried to set up a return. As he was being enveloped by defenders, Mueller pitched the ball to teammate Allen Chapman, who couldn’t control the lateral toss. He was pulled to the ground, in the end zone, by Oregon lineman Jake Fisher. And, we’ll let Cherry take it from here:

“On the previous play, we have an unusual ruling. The ball was blocked, caught, carried back into the end zone and declared dead by the defense. That play results in a one-point safety.” 

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