OUTFRONT: Critics Call Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl Ad Racist (VIDEO)

Roland Martin, Erin Burnett and Arsalan Iftikhar breakdown Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad.

Do you think Coke’s new ad racist? SOUND OFF in the comments below …

  • Yes i do. You would be outraged if it was a black dude walking through the desert with a piece of fried chicken and a nice red slice of water melon..

  • Tjay229

    I agree.. I saw it as racist, plain and simple.

  • It wasn’t racist. The guys with the camels weren’t in the race. They were observing the fools in the race, as they were passing by in the desert, walking in the opposite direction. The cowboys Showgirls and biker gang are racing, Watch the video again. If the guys with the camel aren’t racing, they shouldn’t be eligible to win.

  • S. hunt

    I am an 80 yr old black woman who logged on this morning to see who won the coke. I didn’t vote, but I would have voted for the guy on the camel. Simply because he was in his natural habitat. The cowboys would come in 2nd. After all the machines could have run out of fuel. Let’s get real and stop picking every action apart . Life is too short for all this drama.