President Obama, Members Of Congress Start Immigration Push

Source: AP / USA Today

The push to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws is officially underway.

President Obama met with Hispanic members of Congress at the White House on Friday and is planning a speech in Las Vegas on Tuesday to “redouble the administration’s efforts to work with Congress to fix the broken immigration system this year,” according to a White House statement.

Obama insisted that he would lead on the issue, and emphasized that any changes to the nation’s immigration laws would include an “earned pathway to citizenship” for the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants. Republicans have insisted that the country fully secure the borders and enact tight restrictions on businesses from hiring illegal immigrants before granting any new rights to people illegally living in the country.

After Friday’s meeting, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus — all Democrats — said they were enthusiastic by the president’s commitment to moving on an immigration bill.

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  • Tryswag Ryan

    Legal immigration is one thing. But illegal immigration is ILLEGAL and these are the same people getting jobs Blacks should be getting, and services that poor true Americans are entitled to. It’s unfair and un-American to assist someone who “broke in”.

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