Quentin Tarantino Uses ‘N-Word’ Backstage At Golden Globes To Defend Using ‘N-Word’ In Django

Source: Matt Wilstein / Mediaite

Quentin Tarantino was in fine form last night after winning the Best Screenplay Golden Globe forDjango Unchained. After getting snubbed by the Oscars in the Director category, Tarantino came back with a vengeance, with the movie not only taking home an award for his script, but also winning Best Supporting Actor for Christoph Waltz.

Tarantino kept his televised acceptance speech relatively tame, but did save some incendiary remarks for his requisite backstage interview. When a reporter asked if he was ever “shaken” by hearing the “n-word” on set while making the film, he answered:

“If somebody is out there actually saying when it comes to the word n—–, the fact that I was using it in the movie more than it was being used in the antebellum south in Mississippi, then feel free to make that case. But no one’s actually making that case. They are saying I should lie, that I should whitewash, that I should massage, and I never do that when it comes to my characters.”

This response is just the latest in a string of defiant interviews with the director. Just last week, in an appearance on London’s Channel 4 News, Tarantino erupted at a reporter who dared to ask him about the connection between movie violence and the real thing.

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