Texas Prosecutor Gunned Down Outside Courthouse

Source:  Christina NG / ABC News

A Texas prosecutor has been shot dead outside of the Kaufman County courthouse by a pair of gunmen, including one who was wearing a bullet proof vest, according to ABC News’ Dallas/Fort Worth affiliate WFAA.

The shooting has spurred a complete lockdown of the area and there is a manhunt for two shooters.

Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Pat Laney told WFAA that the suspects assaulted the prosecutor on his way in to court at around 8:50 a.m., shooting him multiple times.

The attackers then fled and the courthouse was locked down and closed.

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  • Lawrence

    What happened to all the “good guys with guns” that conservatives keep saying are around to prevent stuff like this?

    • they r all adhering to the requests to keep their guns at home, locked up…its the assholes and criminals that pay no attention to such requests unfortunately