White Supremacist Teen’s Terror Threat Thwarted At Alabama High School

Source: Brittany Tom / theGrio

A Seale, Alabama teacher made a startling discovery this past week that may have saved the lives of students and teachers at Russell County High School.

A misplaced notebook left by self-proclaimed white supremacist Derek Shrout was found by a high school teacher that contained what police say were “credible” threats towards the school.

The police later discovered the beginnings of improvised explosives consisting of tobacco tin cans filled with pellets after searching the 17 year-old’s home. Two of the cans, reportedly had the words “Fat boy” and “Little Man” written on the side, perhaps referencing the code names for the two World War II atomic bombs that were released on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

Russell County sheriffs say that if the teacher had not made this discovery and notified authorities, it may have been too late to stop the potential attack.

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