AJC: Warren Lee Hill Granted Stays Of Execution

Source: Bill Rankin / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Condemned killer Warren Hill has been granted stays of execution by the federal appeals court in Atlanta and the Georgia Court of Appeals, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Hill was scheduled to be put to death at 7 p.m. He had already taken a sedative to prepare for his execution. The decision to halt his execution were announced with less than an hour to spare.

The state Court of Appeals granted a stay on a challenge to the state’s lethal-injection procedure. The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the stay on claims by Hill he is mentally disabled and thus ineligible for execution, Brian Kammer, Hill’s lawyer, said.

The appeals courts’ stays were issued as the U.S. Supreme Court had denied issuing a stay of Hill’s appeal of a ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court. It remained unclear whether the stays could be lifted tonight or would put a halt to Hill’s execution for an extended period of time.

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