Hill Harper Leaves ‘CSI:NY’, Joins USA’s ‘Covert Affairs’ As New Series Regular

Source: Nellie Andreeva / Deadline

CSI: NY‘s Hill Harper is joining the upcoming fourth season of of USA’s drama series Covert Affairs as a new series regular alongside Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, Kari Matchett and Peter Gallagher. CSI:NY’s ninth season finale airs tonight on CBS, and by most accounts it will be a series finale as the CSI spinoff appears unlikely to return. CBS has not made a final decision, but I hear Harper’s deal was up at the end of this season, and he is moving on. He looked at a number of options, including pilots, but I hear he wanted to join a cable series that is on the air. Harper is a fan of Covert Affairs, and shares a bond with its creators Matt Corman and Chris Ord as all three went to Brown University.

The 16-episode Season 4 of Covert Affairs, which is currently filming in Toronto, picks up after CIA operative Annie (Perabo) and her longtime best friend and blind CIA tech-op Auggie (Gorham) finally acknowledge their romantic feelings for one another. Things get complicated at the agency, as Annie aligns with Henry Wilcox (recurring guest star Gregory Itzin) in a dangerous, covert mission involving Arthur (Gallagher) and Auggie that has potentially scandalous consequences for the CIA. Harper, repped by Innovative and Luber Roklin, will play an ambitious CIA station chief based in Latin America who is plotting his way into a bigger position back in Washington and seeks Annie and Auggie’s help, but his questionable actions will cause them to doubt his intentions. Covert Affairs, from Universal Cable Prods., is executive produced by Doug Liman, David Bartis, Corman and Ord.

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