John Kerry Says Obama Offered Secretary Of State Job Before Susan Rice Withdrew

Source: Meenal Vamburkar /  Mediaite

Following the Benghazi attack, much ado was made about UN Ambassador Susan Rice being the contender to serve as Secretary of State in President Obama‘s second term — particularly in light of the comments she made on several Sunday shows. She even withdrew her name from consideration.

But in an interview with the Boston Globe, John Kerry said he was offered the job a week beforehand.

The Globe reported:

Kerry said President Obama offered him the job of secretary of state a week before United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew her name from contention, an earlier timeline than has been previously reported.

“He called me, actually a week before Susan got out of the thing,” Kerry said. “He called me and said, ‘You’re my choice. I want you to do this.’ He asked me to keep it quiet. I did. I sat on it.”

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