‘Kilpatrick Is A Human Being,’ His Lawyer Tells Jury

Source: Tresa Baldas and Jim Schaefer / Detroit Free Press

Saying his client had been “demonized by the media,” Kwame Kilpatrick’s lawyer urged a federal jury on Tuesday to be fair to the ex-mayor, forget his troubled past and “Let Mr. Kilpatrick go home with his wife and kids.”

“We came here in this courtroom with a lot of baggage,” Kilpatrick’s lawyer, James Thomas, said during closing arguments, stressing his client deserves a fair shot.

“Kwame Kilpatrick is a human being,” Thomas said. “He is a father. He’s a husband. He’s a son. He’s a man, and he deserves your consideration.”

Thomas also pointed out for the jury that Kilpatrick’s wife, his three children, sister and mother were in the courtroom. It was the first time since the public corruption trial started five months ago that Kilpatrick’s family appeared in court.

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  • No one is questioning that Kilpatrick is a human being. The thing is that he is a corrupt, foul human being who deserves to pay for his crimes…and an apology to the people of Detroit for the wreck he and his loose morals made of the city would be nice too.