MICHELLE BERNARD: Michelle Obama And The Broadsides On The Black Woman’s Backside

by Michelle Bernard
President & CEO of the Bernard Center for Women, Politics & Public Policy 

Krissah Thompson’s story, “Michelle Obama’s Posterior Again the Subject of Public Rant” got me thinking about somatic norm image — in other words, how cultures define beauty — and about my days as an undergraduate at Howard University, one of the nation’s premier historically black universities.  As female students at Howard, our somatic norm image could be seen in the pride we had as students in all that made us black women, our posteriors included.

One of the reasons I, like thousands of other black women, chose Howard, was because at Howard and other Historically Black Colleges and Universities, we understood that “black”, in all its iterations, is beautiful.

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Whether light-skinned, caramel colored, or ebony, our professors reaffirmed what our parents had taught us: “Black is beautiful.”

Michelle Obama is in no way overweight. She exudes athleticism and beauty.  Countless women, black or white, would be thrilled to have her toned arms, abs, thighs, rear end or any other part of her physique. Moreover, their husbands, wives or significant others would be similarly thrilled.

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