RAHIEL TESFAMARIAM: Why Won’t Obama Stand Up For Chicago’s Slain Youth?

Columnist and blogger for The The Washington Post

Michelle Obama, accompanied by White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, is scheduled to attend the funeral of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton on Saturday. Pendleton, an honor-roll student who had performed as a majorette during the presidential inauguration ceremony, was fatally shot in her home town of Chicago on Jan. 29. Reports that the first lady was “heartbroken” to learn of Hadiya’s death, remarks from the White House press secretary and a phone call President Obama placed to Pendleton’s family signify that the White House has taken the matter to heart.

But, truth be told, these efforts fall short.

With 506 homicide victims in 2012, and with 2013 threatening to outpace last year, Chicago is facing a crisis of safety that demands Obama’s immediate attention. America’s current debate on gun-violence prevention is a prime opportunity for the president to prioritize urban casualties in the same way that he has victims of rural mass shootings. Since he has not yet done so, it has left many, including myself, with a host of questions: Why has President Obama been nearly silent on Chicago’s haunting epidemic of gun violence? What value is there in him speaking up at this point? What course of action should he take? And what does it signify if he says or does nothing?

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  • Pres Obama is one MAN! How about everyone else calling on the MINSTERS, men in the Chicago Area, Local Politicians. This is so disrespectful. Seems like the SO CALL leaders are sitting back wanting MY PRESIDENT to do E V E R Y T H I N G!

  • Valerie Bush

    what is this fool talking about, President Obama and the First Lady have attended just about every mass killings in the last 4 years. Leave my President and First Lady alone. The other 500 or more lives do matter to them, all the American lives do as well. Where was this fool? How many memorials did he attend. NO NOT ONE! NO NOT ONE!!!