Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 02.12.13: Do Self Defense Laws Discriminate Against Blacks?

Roland Martin talks with Filmmaker Keith Beauchamp about his new TV series on the I.D. Channel called “Injustice Files” which follows cold cases from the FBI’s “Civil Rights Initiative” including a look at how self-defense laws discriminate against African-Americans.

  • RiPPa

    So three cases are picked, and from these three cases, a determination is made that Stand Your Ground defenses in Florida is applied with racial bias? Listen, there are studies that have been conducted in Florida that shows differently. What’s troubling, is that (at least in the broadcast above) the discussion centers on shootings which involve the police. Conflating the issue of cops shooting black folks with the SYG law is an egregious misrepresentation of the law as written.

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