Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 02.24.13: Roland Martin Talks With Jamelle Young About Her Son’s Kindergarten Class Re-Enacting A Slave Auction

Roland Martin talks with Jamelle Young about her outrage over her son’s kindergarten class re-enacting a slave auction in class.

  • Jamin

    Hey Roland, why don’t you get the whole story before airing her side. Ask her about how she blew past the office took two men and posted them at the door so she could chew out the teacher with all the students in the class. I’m not going to argue the subject taught, but I am going to argue that Mrs. Young should be prosecuted for her actions. It is inexcusable for her to act in that way no matter what this teacher taught. It is in no way ok to maliciously confront a teacher in this way especially given the circumstances of last Dec. The whole story makes you really question Mrs. Young’s motives. She seems to be seeking out publicity to me.