Show Ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick He’s Not Above The Law, Prosecutor Tells Federal Jurors

Source: Tresa Baldas and Jim Schaefer / Detroit Free Press

Kwame Kilpatrick had it all — a free mansion, bodyguards and staff to answer his every beck and call — “but that wasn’t enough.”

That’s what a federal prosecutor told jurors during closing arguments in Detroit’s historic public corruption trial this morning. Kilpatrick’s greed, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Bullotta argued, became more important than the citizens of Detroit, and Kilpatrick unlawfully used the mayor’s office to enrich himself, his family and his friends.

“He turned the mayor’s office into Kilpatrick Incorporated,” Bullotta argued, repeatedly stressing that four words summed up how Kilpatrick, his father and his contractor friend got rich: “No deal without me.”

“That was their mantra. Those were their words. That was their scheme,” Bullotta said of the defendants: Kilpatrick, his father Bernard Kilpatrick and his longtime contractor friend Bobby Ferguson.

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