WASHINGTON WATCH: Roland Martin, Danny Glover Challenge Each Other To A Gumbo Cook-Off (VIDEO)

During a recent interview with actor/activist Danny Glover and Roland Martin challenge each other to a gumbo cook-off.

MR. MARTIN: Well, I know some folks out there would think that you are a serious thinker – obviously – involved in stuff, but you also like to talk trash, too.

MR. GLOVER: Um-hum.

MR. MARTIN: And so I need to remind you when we were in New York more than a decade ago, we were having a conversation about gumbo, and you had the audacity to say you can make a better gumbo than me. And I said, “Cain’t nobody from the Bay Area outdo somebody from the Gulf Coast of Texas.”

MR. GLOVER: No, no. Look here. No.

MR. MARTIN: [Chuckles.]

MR. GLOVER: I said it ten years ago. I even mean it more.

MR. MARTIN:Oh!Okay. All right. Well –

MR. GLOVER: Now, I know

MR. MARTIN: — well, next –

MR. GLOVER: — I know

MR. MARTIN: — next time –

MR. GLOVER: — next time – [crosstalk] –

MR. MARTIN: — we hook up –

MR. GLOVER: — you know –

MR. MARTIN: — all I’m simply sayin’ is I’mma hurt ya feelin’s. And I’mma say –

MR. GLOVER: No, you not.

MR. MARTIN: — I’m sorry in advance, but I’mma hurt ya feelin’s –

MR. GLOVER: No, no. No, you not.

MR. MARTIN: — when it comes to gumbo.

MR. GLOVER: I’mma hurt your feelin’s.

MR. MARTIN: Okay! Okay!


MR. MARTIN: All right!

MR. GLOVER: — [chuckles] –


MR. GLOVER: — I’mma hurt your feelin’s, man.

MR. MARTIN: — we got it on tape –

MR. GLOVER: You got it on tape.

MR. MARTIN: — and – we got it on tape, and so what I do – when you put that lil’ San Francisco –

MR. GLOVER: [Chuckles.] No, no, no.

MR. MARTIN: — hams, or whatever lil’ stuff –

MR. GLOVER: [Chuckles.]

MR. MARTIN: — you were talkin’ ‘bout puttin’ in your gumbo, we’ll see. I’mma show you how to make a real Louisiana gumbo.

MR. GLOVER: Well, I’ll show you how to make a gumbo. Whether it’s Louisiana –

MR. MARTIN: That’s the only real one!

MR. GLOVER: — well, wait. Wait – wait a minute! Wait a minute. It could be Louisiana mixed with a little bit of Georgia —


MR. GLOVER: — mixed with a little bit –

MR. MARTIN: Naw, naw. See –

MR. GLOVER: — of – a little bit of all of that.

MR. MARTIN: E’er’body at home, don’t eat that gumbo.

MR. GLOVER: [Laughs.]

MR. MARTIN: Only do the Louisiana one.

MR. GLOVER: [Laughs even harder.]

MR. MARTIN: Danny, I appreciate it.