CBS Analyst Shocks Audience By Saying He’s There ‘To Bring The White Man’s Perspective’ (VIDEO)

Source: Andrew Kirell /  Mediaite

CBS sports analyst Doug Gottlieb caused a bit of controversy on Thursday evening when he made an awkward joke about being the only white man on a panel of black ex-pro basketball players during the network’s NCAA tournament Sweet 16 coverage.

Sandwiched between retired basketball stars-turned-analysts Greg Anthony, Kenny Smithand Charles Barkley — all of whom are black — Gottlieb remarked: “I don’t know why you guys ask me. I’m just here to bring diversity to this set, give kind of the white man’s perspective.”

Oooookay then. The goofy remark was met with awkward silence for a second or two before his co-panelists let out some chuckles and teased him for “swimming upstream” with such an overeager joke.

While his colleagues ultimately seemed fine with the oddball comment, Twitter users took to the web to brand Gottlieb “racist,” prompting the analyst to respond in kind: “It is called a joke.” But ESPN football analyst Mark May suggested Gottlieb should be “canned” for his on-air comment.

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  • davery911

    Why is it we can make all the stupid racist jokes we want, but let somebody make one about us and we go into overkill mode… let it go!

  • Fordf250

    I am black. I was not offended. It was a light hearted joke. If it were the other way around and the Black guy said it, there would be nothing said. That’s how buddies talk. We can’t bring race into everything or we will marginalize it when it really happens. Cut the guy some slack.