Fan Runs Onto Court In Cleveland To Try To Convince LeBron James To Re-Sign With Cavs (Video)

Source: Kelly Dwyer / Yahoo! Sports

There’s a reason the producers behind televised baseball games cut away from the idiots that decide to run onto the field during a game – the people that jump into the action are morons, and their actions shouldn’t be rewarded with 15 seconds of fame on cable TV.

FOX Sports Ohio shouldn’t be blamed for being unable to cut away quickly when a fan ran on the court on Wednesday night’s Heat/Cavaliers game, wearing a t-shirt that read “We Miss You” on the front and “LeBron 2014” during the Miami Heat’s astonishing comeback win, and don’t blame us for giving this dum-dum more exposure, but it bears repeating that running onto a court, field, rink, or stage is about as stupid a thing as a fan can do.

Since last year, it’s been rumored that LeBron has been considering a move back to the team he ran with from 2003 to 2010, the NBA squad that is closest to his Akron, Ohio home. It’s a legitimate hope – because of luxury tax concerns and the advancing age of LBJ’s cohort in Dwyane Wade, it’s possible that James may want to move to a team with more potential to see him through the tail-end of his prime. The Cavaliers have been smartly hoarding salary cap space in anticipation of the off chance that James wants to come back to his home to northern Ohio and look the part of the returning hero to play alongside point guard wunderkind Kyrie Irving.

Using what looks like shoe polish to write a “message” on a white t-shirt tucked into a pair of khaki pants, in the hopes of influencing someone who could be a free agent 18 months from now, is the wrong way to go about this particular brand of persuasion. And, lest we forget, any attempt to make yourself part of the story by running onto a court/field/pitch/rink/gridiron is as dumb as movements come. LeBron James is well aware that Cleveland, and even combatant Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, would like to have him back. The Utah Jazz would also like to have him. So would the Portland Trail Blazers, if LBJ wanted to accept the mid-level exception. This is a guy that 29 NBA teams will pitch to, should he decide to opt-out of his contract. This is a talent that doesn’t need convincing.

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