Honda Recalling 180,000 Vehicles For Brake Problem

Source: Peter Valdes-Dapena / CNN Money

Honda is recalling over 180,000 vehicles in the United States, almost 250,000 worldwide, for a problem that could cause the car to brake when the driver isn’t pressing the brake pedal.

The problem is with the vehicles’ electronic stability control system. These computerized systems help drivers to maintain control during abrupt maneuvers, especially on slippery surfaces. They work by automatically reducing power to the wheels and briefly applying the brakes at individual wheels to bring a skidding car back into line.

In some Honda (HMC) vehicles, however, the system can malfunction, causing the brakes to be applied unnecessarily. The vehicles being recalled in the United States are 2005 model year Honda Pilot SUVs, 2005 Acura RL sedans and 2006 Acura MDX SUVs. Acura is Honda’s luxury division. The Honda Odyssey minivan is being recalled in markets outside the United States.

The problem is caused by an electrical capacitor that, in some vehicles, was damaged during manufacturing. In these vehicles, the system can apply a small amount of brake force for a moment without driver pressing the brake pedal. Or, if the driver does press brake at the same time this braking glitch occurs, the brakes can be applied with more force than the driver intended.

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