Mitt Romney To Fox: ‘It Kills Me’ To Not Be President; Obama Is Still ‘Campaigning’ (VIDEO)

Source: Garrett Quinn / Mediaite 

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney opened up to Fox News Sunday‘s Chris Wallace about his presidential campaign, what it’s like to lose, where he he sees himself in the GOP and just how badly he still wants to be president. Romney told Wallace that “it kills” to not be in the White House and managing the country.

Wallace asked Romney about where he sees himself in national politics and the Republican Party prompting Romney to admit that he is no longer its leader but that he will still seek to influence the dialogue.

“I want to have influence on getting our party to a position where we can be successful in solving the problems the country has,” Romney said.

Romney said that he understands that as the guy that lost the election he can no longer boss people around because he no longer has that mantle but he still cares deeply about America, sounding very much like a presidential candidate on the stump and  is slated to speak at the largest annual gathering of conservatives.

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    I keep posting that it is by design Republican Obstructionist was decided in 2008!!!!!!! Exposing the Republican terrorist would had brought reason to the American people! Like the “Sequester” the “Debt Ceiling” debates. They are all by Republican design! Like former President Clinton stated” no President could had corrected all the mess create in 8 years by Republicans Bush/ Cheney! I would add “ON TOP” of dealing with Republican obstructionist! Mitt Romney picked one of the obstructionist as his Vice President! Exposing the Republican obstructionist would had explain to the American voters. HOW TO VOTE AND HOW TO FIX AMERICA! Re-elect President Obama and give Democrats the house majority! Republican are the problem recovery America from the mess Republican create!

    The 15 Republicans were in a sombre mood as they gathered at the Caucus Room in Washington, an upscale restaurant where a New York strip steak costs $51. Attending the dinner were House members Eric Cantor, Jeb Hensarling, Pete Hoekstra, Dan Lungren, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan and Pete Sessions. From the Senate were Tom Coburn, Bob Corker, Jim DeMint, John Ensign and Jon Kyl. Others present were former House Speaker and future – and failed – presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and the Republican strategist Frank Luntz, who organized the dinner and sent out the invitations. These men got together to plott against the country recovery and President Obama. BEFORE he took office! To we are seeing the result of this meeting!!!!!!

    Mitt Romney is an idiot to think that his 47% comment the fact that he was a Mormon.The fact he was a piss poor Governor that criticize President Obama for Obamacare..When it was model after Romnercare……ridiculous ! To think that Romney didn’t know he picked an American terrorist that plotted with 14 other Republican Obstructionist. To destroy the country and kill the recovery! This idiot should had never ever ran for President…OH another thing Romney likes to say that the media was for Obama…TOTAL LIE! The media was in his pocket never mentioning his Mormon faith,,,,A religion that 50 year old men marry 12 year old children and teaches racism and believe a man is god on earth……SICK SICK SICK!!!!!!!!