NRA Rolls Out New Ad Aimed At Minorities Featuring Black ‘Contributor’ (VIDEO)

Source: Carrie Healey / theGrio

The National Rifle Association is aiming its latest ad at minorities, and African-Americans in particular, by featuring YouTube sensation and gun advocate Colion Noir.

The self-described “urban gun enthusiast” talks for just under 90 seconds, encouraging Americans to arm themselves for protection.

“The only person responsible for your safety is you,” Noir says. “Cops can’t always be there. Obama definitely can’t be there.”

Referencing history, the new NRA contributor tells listeners they can’t depend on the government to protect them.

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  • Basically this just proves that we have Black people that are just as likely to suck up to the NRA as Whites. Any body opposed to sensible regulation and background checks on the most deadly of things made by man has a cognitive problem!