Rand Paul Filibusters John Brennan Nomination (VIDEO)

Source: Ashley Killough / CNN

At 11:47 a.m. ET, Paul took to the Senate floor for a rare talking filibuster in an effort to stall a confirmation vote on CIA Director nominee John Brennan.

The Kentucky senator, known for his libertarian leanings, has sharply questioned the Obama administration’s use of drones against American citizens overseas. Brennan is considered one of the main architects of the drone program.

But Paul is particularly upset about Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent admission, in which he said he could envision a scenario where a drone strike would, in fact, be ordered against Americans on U.S. soil.

While Holder said it’s never been done before and he could only see it in an extraordinary circumstance, Paul said he’s disturbed by the idea that an American citizen would lose his or her rights while within the country’s borders.

“I rise today to begin to filibuster John Brennan’s nomination for the CIA,” Paul said. “I will speak until I can no longer speak. I will speak as long as it takes.”

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