Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 03.19.13: Is Beyonce Wrong For Telling B**ches To ‘Bow Down’?

Roland Martin talks with life-coach Valorie Burton about Beyonce‘s controversial song “Bow Down” where she exclaims “Bow Down B******” in the song’s chorus.

  • Notice all the Bitches who get upset about this are either those jealous of Beyonce or the ones who are used to getting their way manipulating men with guilt trips and acting childish. guys create their own issues by putting up with it, than just setting their own standards. bow down or hit the road with your bad self.

  • Vicky

    It’s one thing to use the B-Word in private, but to put the word in a song for all to hear is just troubling. What was she thinking or was Jay-Z thinking for her?!?! How can she stand w/the President & 1st Lady who has teenage daughters & a mother herself to Blue Ivy & think it’s OK to sing such lyrics?!?! In her other song titled “Resentment”, she sings “wacko bitch”, when performing the song live in referring to a man’s Mistress. She must have wrote that one to express her mother’s painful marriage to her father.