Washington Watch with Roland Martin, 03.10.13, Video Podcast

At the top of our agenda this week: giant banks too big to fail, and now, too big to jail – so says Attorney General Eric Holder. The defendant in the Trayvon Martin case, George Zimmerman, has decided not to claim a “stand your ground” defense. What’s up with that?

Gay and lesbian leaders are demanding a full equality from America. So, why are black gays and lesbians fighting for equality within the LGBT movement?

Twelve Florida A&M University students charged with manslaughter in the death of Robert Champion. Is his family satisfied?

In the “Washington Watch” roundtable: Michelle Bernard, president and CEO of the Bernard Center for Women; Angela Rye, principal of IMPACT Strategies; Armstrong Williams, host of “The Right Side”; and George Curry, syndicated columnist for the National Newspaper Publishers Association.

All that and more happening right now on “Washington Watch.”

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