Black Conservatives In Explosive Hannity Townhall: ‘Liberals Believe They Own Black America’ (VIDEO)

Source: AJ Delgado | / Mediaite

On Monday night’s Hannity show, over two dozen black conservatives participated in a townhall discussion, addressing what it is like to be a black conservative in America.

The show kicked off with Sean Hannity interviewing Dr. Ben Carson. Hannity asked Dr. Carson what kind of insults he has received since coming out publicly as a conservative. Carson noted:

Some of the words cannot be used. It’s really kind of sad. I feel more sorrowful for the people who do that, than I feel angry for them. I represent something that they just can’t quite get their heads around: ‘How can you be black and not march lock-step behind the [airquote] leaders?’ ‘How can you think for yourself?’ ‘And how can you actually have some ideals that actually make sense that don’t agree with their leaders?’ I am very hopeful that this a trend that will be broken. I’m going to continue to speak out. Of course, there is an old trick that you ostracize, you ridicule, you isolate, and you keep repeating…. I’m not sure it’s going to work quite frankly because I don’t plan on going anywhere.

In a gripping moment, when Hannity asked the townhall participants how many have been “called horrible names because of [their] conservatism,” every participant’s hand shot up.

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  • Los Guttierrez

    Respect these people. They are very scrutinized and most if not all is not deserved. Most black people and hispanics are conservative by upbringing. What I mean is:
    1) They believe in God/religion
    2) They are against abortion due to religion
    3) They do not support gay marriage due to religion
    4) Are for lower taxes (Hell, we all hate taxes!)

    But now we’re letting our current President re-write our religion. America better wake up. I regret voting for Obama the first time. I really do. I wanted to see history and I let that cloud my judgement. I think more people are coming around.

    • You sir are lying troll.

    • Jezreel

      Your point and examples of Black conservative values are on the mark, Los. Great comment.

  • Roland, AJ Delgado claims that Black Conservatives don’t have freedom of speech, but when this Black Liberal criticized her message and tactics, I was banned from making further comments on Mediaite. Hypocrisy!